What’s New? The Kymco Chapter.

Earlier we touched on the early start to the season and the upward pressure on the gas prices. Things have returned to normal with typically unpredictable temperature swings and gas prices attached to a yo-yo. Scooter demand has remained at nearly record highs. We are coming off of our strongest March in our ten year history. April could shape up to be the best since the scooter breakout of 2008. With a strong finish we could surpass those record demands.
Kymco has found a winner with the Like 200i. Early indications are that the scooter customer is finding the combination of fuel injection combined with front and rear disc brakes at a price of $ 2599.00 to be too irresistable to turn down. Color availability has been limited and supply appears to present some challenges this season.
Another model we are sure to run low on is the People 50. We have always considered this our flagship scooter since it has been a staple of our offerings since we opened in 2002. Kymco announced that it would be discontinued in the fall of 2011 and we would have to pre order our scooters for 2012 by mid October. We thought we were ordering plenty, but demand for the popular big wheel scooter has caused shortages in some colors. We have already run out of the blue/ivory and green/white two tone models and the emerald green. Limited numbers of the other selections are in stock but there will be no more available to order. The companion People 150 is also in its last year of production and will take another model we have sold since our inception out of circulation. These scooters are not only icons of our fleet, but really great bikes that we will greatly miss. No word from Kymco on what will replace them. We do trust that whatever it is, it will be a great addition.
The Downtown 300i and the People GT300i continue to amaze with their solid and reliable performance. If you’re looking for a scooter that will take you anywhere, look no further.
Stay tuned for upcoming news on some exciting new models from Piaggio and Vectrix. Until then, happy trails and safe riding!

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