What’s New For 2012?

A lot has been happening in the world of scooters in the past year. We have witnessed the demise of many of the Chinese importers, while the stronger OEM distributors have gotten their inventories under control.
The huge boom that occurred in scooter sales in 2008, combined with the economic downturn that hit in the autumn of that year, led to an overload of inventory in some dealer’s showrooms, and all distributor’s warehouses. The high profile bankruptcy of Scooter Superstores, which operated several locations in Florida and Georgia, compounded the oversupply problelms that were plaguing the “big three” of the U.S. scooter market: Genuine Scooters, Kymco, and Piaggio/Vespa.

Speaking of bankruptcy, Vectrix has risen from the ashes of their bankruptcy filing with one new model (the VX-2) and two new battery platforms for their larger bike (VX-1). While the specs for the VX-2 have an indicated top speed of 30 MPH, the controller can be easily set to extend that to 40 MPH. We have done mileage testing of the VX-2 and have established a 45 mile range in city riding.
Check out this review on JustGottaScoot. We really love this bike! Come in and schedule a test ride.


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