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Rally Time. Excellent!
posted by Bob | August 12, 2009 | link

Each August the annual scooter rally sneaks up, and before you know it, it's over. I can't tell you how many times customers stop into the shop the following week and ask, "When is the rally this year?"
Well, it's rally time again. The fine folks who organize the rally have been at it for three years now and must be commended for their effort and their organizational skills. They have a dedicated website and four days of well planned events.
Scooter folk often assume the rally runs through Scooterville. Although we have been active sponsors for eight years, the hard work that is required to pull this off comes from a group of dedicated volunteers. The names have changed over the years but the spirit of scootering that
makes it happen remains constant.
One of the big events during the rally weekend is the Saturday night raffle drawing. In past years we have partnered with Genuine Scooters for a scooter that is provided for the raffle. This year we wanted to try something new. We put our heads together with the great minds of our number one scooter parts supplier, Scooterworks, and came up with a great new idea for the raffle. Scooterville and Scooterworks will team up for a $1000.00 spending spree. Any available item from the Scooterworks Direct catalog will be free game to the winner!
The fun begins Thursday evening, August 13th, and concludes on Sunday the 16th. Check out the Rattle My Bones website for details.
Stop by Scooterville for special rally pricing on select models. Rally sale prices are good through August 22nd.