Hi. What’s New?

This time of year we hear this question frequently. It’s natural. Many new inovations occur during the “off-season”.. Often the new year offers new models, new colors, or perhaps we’ve added some new product.
Let’s start with Genuine ScootersThe Psycho is this year’s “limited edition” model. It’s a 125cc Buddy in wolves’ clothing. Using the suspension and brake package that rocked the Black Jack, Genuine produced 172 of the Psychos. They’re all numbered like previous limited editions. Each dealer was allocated a certain quantity based on annual sales. We were lucky to be a top three dealer for Genuine nationwide so we received five Psychos as our allocation. Here’s the downside. At this time (March 31, 2012) we have one Psycho left. The remaining four have been sold!
That’s the way things have gone this “Spring?” In terms of the equinox, we are 8 or 9 days into the Spring of 2012. However, Mother Nature has thrown us a delicious curve by bringing some Summer-like temperatures early in the month of March. That, combined with previously unmatched fuel prices for this time of year, have lit a big fire under the scooter buying frenzy that has not been seen since the Great Scooter Sell-off of 2008.
Yes, sales are way up and inventory levels will be challenged by the demand level, especially with the early warm weather. We normally bring in our larger scooter shipments in May and June when demand is highest. Since we pre order in the Fall, the distributors plan our shipments according to a monthy order. We have nearly every color of each model on hand right now, but a heavy early demand will create some inventory holes very soon.
Back to what’s new…….
Genuine has added the Italia and Pamploma to their selection of Buddy 170i models.
Get your order for a Buddy 170i in soon! I fear we may have underestimated demand for these.
The other addition from Genuine this year is a two tone Stella 4T. This model is new, and quantities will be very limited!
This chapter is getting a little long. We will follow it up with a listing of new offerings from Kymco, Vectrix, and Vespa.

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