As We Enter Year Thirteen…..

At this time in 2002 we were only statrting to get busy with the finer details of opening a scooter shop. Details that were requiring a decision included: Which brands should we sell?
Who will supply our parts and accessories? Where should the new shop reside, and what should it look like?
Twelve years ago in January, we had just decided to give it a go with the grand experiment of opening a scooter shop. The fact that we had nearly every detail to iron out makes the reality that we opened for business only four months later a bit stunning in retrospect.
But we were young(er), perhaps, and naive, to be sure. Small details such as incorporating, zoning, neighborhood approval,and tax identification numbers all seemed like minor inconveniences compared to getting a 6000 square foot, raw warehouse space ready for an opening day that was determined to be As Soon As Possible.
In retrospect I can only describe what took place over the span of late January until mid May of 2002 as a miracle. A phone call might reveal that IF we could meet with the neighborhood group that evening, we MIGHT get on the zoning agenda for the meeting the next week, otherwise it would be sixty more days…..
It all came together!? I should add that the government bureaucracies that we have worked with in Minneapolis have been nothing short of outstanding in every step of the journey. It always seemed that people were rooting for our success.
So we enter year thirteen New stuff. New models being launched. Probably some of the biggest news in several years. Stay tuned!

Join us for this year’s Cabin Fever Sale & Celebration on January 31st and February 1st.


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