Another Early Spring? Cabin Fever VIII Sets In.

It’s year eight of our annual mid-winter celebration. In 2006 we decided to find the half-way-point of the Minnesota scooter riding off-season and throw down a party and our only sale.
Here we go with year eight. The difference recently is that we may have to re-think the timing of the mid-point. Last year we chose the final weekend of January and it turned out we were only 4 or 5 weeks removed from the regular riding that began in early March.
Cabin Fever VIII will again land on the final weekend of January. On Friday, the 25th and Saturday, the 26th, plan on making it down to Scooterville for a visit.
We will have the usual insane deals on select scooter models, plus doorbuster deals on apparel, accessories, and helmets.
If you haven’t had the opportunity, check out our Facebook site and give us a “Like”.

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